What I do

With 30+ years of experience in the high end watch industry, I am an independent field inspector of watch repair facilities where my main task involves the evaluation of watch repair centers. I verify their operation to make sure they have all the correct tools and equipment, the properly trained personnel as well as their correct skills and knowledge. The evaluation project can consist of a one person repair center or a facility consisting of a multitude of watchmakers. In addition to evaluating the physical location, tools, equipment and the personnel, I also provide feedback and consultation for the improvement of each section. 

My brief story

Having started out as a bench watchmaker in 1985 and eventually working for a high-end luxury watch and jewelry retailer from 1990 through 1995, I gained sufficient hands-on experience to open my own operation in 1995 where I ran it for ten years. In 2005, I became the head watchmaking instructor for the American Watchmakers Institute where I taught the refresher courses for the industry approved CW21 exam. Subsequently, I worked for Swatch Group USA where I evaluated their service providers (watch repair facilities) for the purposes of qualification for a spare parts account. In addition to the field audits I conducted, I also provided recommendations for workshop improvement and watchmaker training and education.

I currently offer the same services to all medium to high-end watch brands as an independent non-interested party contractor, where I would evaluate the operation of a prospective repair facility you are considering working with. Alternately, if you already have a relationship with an existing repair facility and would like to investigate it for general industry compliance thereby resolving a variety of issues, such as quality of workmanship, premature comebacks (redo's), turnaround time,  customer satisfaction and overall efficiency, among others.

Brief summary of services. 

  1.  Technical auditing of watch repair departments in the USA, Canada and worldwide.
  2.  Auditing of existing as well as prospective service partners
  3.  100% impartial audits
  4.  100% confidentiality
  5.  Comprehensive report on the industry compliance of the workshop 
  6.  Comprehensive report on watch technician and watchmaker competence 
  7.  Comprehensive report on the ability of the workshop to meet your volume demands 
  8.  Consulting on the improvement of the workshop, tools, equipment as well as watchmaker training.
  9. Bilan diagnostique disponible en fran├žais.  
  10. Inspection of pre-owned watches (recent purchase or pre-purchase)

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